High Friction Surface Treatment – HFST

High Friction Surface TreTHM_HFST1atment (HFST) is the site specific application of the very best high-quality durable aggregates that uses polymer binders that restore and maintain pavement friction where the need for a safer pavement surface is necessary. HFST is applied at very specific locations to help drivers who have entered a curve too fast. The treatment provides an extra layer of protection as it relates to friction.

THM_HFST2Sharp curves or anywhere a vehicle may brake excessively requires an increased friction demand that HFST addresses specifically. HFST immediately reduces crashes, related injuries and fatalities. The long term durability of HFST and its use in critical locations makes the treatment a low-cost option over its life cycle. The initial investment differs from conventional pavement fees, but the long-lasting functionality and durability of HFST proves valuable. The benefits of HFST truly outweigh the cost. In addition to highways, HFST may be used to identify specific areas, such as bus or bike lanes, or used on surfaces that tend to ice over such as bridges or pedestrian walkways.

Total Highway Maintenance, LLC. (THM) are well versed and highly experienced in HFST. Jeff Rainwater created the first automated HFST vehicle and has become a nationwide supplier of the in-demand equipment. In addition to being a leader in the equipment field, THM is also a specialist in the HFST field. THM has helped several Departments of Transportation (DOT’s) create regulated specs and guidelines for their state’s process.


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